Business Overview

We operate 4 full service restaurants and a coffee store. We do all of our communication in ShiftNote’s manager’s logbook and employee scheduling software, which tracks all sales, covers and staffing.

Benefits of Using ShiftNote

The online shift notes allows for more communication between all managers. Easier tracking for sales and HR issues. My favorite part is the ease of pulling up all information about an employee. We no longer have to flip through pages of notes or try and remember when something happened.

On Average, Time Saved Per Shift on Management Related Tasks


Time Using ShiftNote

1 year

Tools Used for Management Related Tasks Before ShiftNote

Manager’s Red Book

Business Name

The Simco Restaurant Group

Business Website

Business Type



Fog Harbor Fish House, Pier Market, Wipeout Bar & Grill, Pier 39, Wipeout Bar & Grill Marin, Biscoff Coffee Corner

Number of Staff